Domestic Supply Chain

Vertically Integrated

Through establishment of long-term partnerships, our raw fish oil supplies are vertically integrated back to the source. Our exclusive supply partners include two of the largest US fishing companies that own the fishing rights for the Alaskan Pollock. They have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in establishing the shore-based and floating infrastructure necessary to commercialize this important natural resource.

Reliable Supply Chain

Raw fish oils, processed from wild-caught fish within hours of being netted from the pure waters of the Bering Sea, are shipped by barge or fishing vessel to Seattle, WA. From Seattle, our dedicated fleet of food-grade rail tankers transports the raw fish oils directly to our GMP refinery in northeast Ohio. Once inside our gates, each lot of raw fish oil is carefully processed according to the latest GMP and HACCP protocols to ensure conformance to the highest quality standards for food and nutritional ingredients.

Uniquely American

With deep roots in manufacturing health and nutrition products, the Organic Technologies family has been developing innovative solutions to meet our customers' natural bulk ingredient needs for over 30 years. Our Omega-3 concentrates are built upon decades of experience in producing high-purity natural products at competitive costs. Located in Ohio, our refinery and warehouse is within 500 miles of nearly 50 percent of the US population. Our prices are competitive and because our concentrates are sourced and refined in the US, there are no customs delays for US buyers.