About Us

Company Overview

Organic Technologies is a custom chemicals and food ingredients manufacturer with two facilities in Coshocton, OH. Established as an Ohio corporation in 1981, Organic Technologies has grown from a small research chemical sales business in specialty hydrocarbons and fine chemicals to a fully capable GMP manufacturer with a wide portfolio of products and services in the fine chemical, food ingredient, pharmaceutical, and nutritional supplement markets.

Privately held and family-operated since its founding in 1981, Organic Technologies maintains a skilled staff of about 200 employees with the expertise and dedication to guide a process from the laboratory bench through full-scale plant construction and GMP quality production. Organic Technologies has the capabilities to perform processes on a “kilo” scale and on a scale of thousands of metric tons per year.

Our History

With the second and third generations of the Wiley family intimately involved in the day-today operations of the company, we continue to build upon our experience and to offer unique solutions to customers around the world.  Our processes utilize the latest technology and our highly dedicated team of over 200 employees continues to pursue new products and new markets, manufacturing products to the highest quality standards, worldwide.

2012, launch of Wiley’s Finest nutritional supplement company

Organic Technologies launches a line of concentrated marine-sourced Omega-3 essential fatty acids.  Freshly caught from the cold, clear waters of the Bering Sea, Organic Technologies’ Omega-3s are sourced and refined entirely within the borders of the United States.

2011, launch of AlaskOmega® ingredient.

Organic Technologies acquires a 230,000 sqft warehouse and office in Coshocton, OH, greatly expanding the GMP storage and warehousing capabilities for raw materials and finished products.  Company headquarters are established at 545 Walnut Street, OH and growth in the nutritional products and fine chemical markets continue.

Organic Technologies completes 3rd party Food GMP audit certification under the GMA-SAFE (http://gma-safe.org/) Supplier Assessments for Food Excellence.  Results from the week-long comprehensive quality audit report are made available to customers online.  Follow-up audits are performed on a 2 year rolling basis.

Also in 2007, Organic Technologies introduces new nutritional products into the marketplace.  A range of Plant Sterols, Sterol Esters, and Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E) products are added to the company’s portfolio of high purity products for the health and nutritional market.

Organic Technologies builds and installs a high-efficiency hydrocarbon distillation still for increased production of ultra-high purity hydrocarbon gases to support chemical, polymer, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and related markets.

Organic Technologies performs a major expansion at the Coshocton facility to toll produce GMO plant sterols and sterol esters from oilseed sources for a venture between P&G, Bunge North America, and Peter Cremer North America. Significant reaction, distillation, and material handling capacity is installed, including a 10,000sqft GMP packaging warehouse and rail tanker logistics for handling bulk materials.

Organic Technologies performs a major expansion at the Newark facility.  This expansion was to toll manufacture large-scale GMP production of plant sterols for food and pharmaceutical uses for the largest producer of non-GMO pine sterols in the world, Arboris, LLC (http://www.arboris-us.com).  Part of this expansion involved implementing Emerson DeltaV (http://www2.emersonprocess.com/en-US/brands/deltav/Pages/index.aspx) a world-class digital process control system for process automation and control.  In addition, the expansion spurred us to bring our quality systems to the highest standards for Food GMPs and several demanding quality audits were passed.

To reflect the increased focus on health and nutrition products, Wiley Organics adopts Organic Technologies as the “doing business as” (d.b.a.) name for the company.  As production volumes and processing contracts grow, the company shifts focus on supporting larger scale business.  Supporting a fine chemical catalogue business of over 1500 compounds no longer fits with the Organic Technologies business model, and the catalogue business is divested.  Still operated successfully today under its age-old name, ChemSampCo, the catalogue business still thrives under new owners. http://chemsampco.com/

Wiley Organics continues to expand and acquires a facility in Newark, OH.  Work continues to expand in fine chemicals, toll manufacturing, and in growing nutraceutical products.  Wiley Organics builds upon the lessons learned over the past 40 years in synthesis and separations and begins to provide processing solutions for a fledgling health and nutrition products marketplace.

With the expansion of larger volume projects, Wiley Organics soon outgrows the small 13,000sqft facility in Columbus, OH.  A 50,000sqft facility in Coshocton, OH is acquired and the company greatly expands distillation and reactor capabilities.  The larger facility provides for greater capacity and expanded growth into the fine chemical, flavor, and nutraceutical markets in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s.

After the ChemSampCo acquisition, Albany International sells the research catalogue business to Vincent, Dorothea, David, and Paul Wiley.  The Wiley family founds Wiley Organics, Inc. and picks up where ChemSampCo left off.  A catalogue of over 1,500 fine chemicals for industry and research are offered, focused primarily in hydrocarbons, alcohols, and ketones.

Over the years, ChemSampCo’s expertise in organic synthesis grew into the field of insect pheromones (sex attractants).  A large international conglomerate, Albany International, acquired ChemSampCo in 1978 to commercialize their insect pheromone technology.

Armed with experience and business savvy, API researchers Vincent Wiley and Dr. Kenneth Greenlee found Chemical Samples Company (ChemSampCo), a private enterprise in synthetic organic chemicals.  ChemSampCo soon gains international recognition for supporting a fine chemical catalgue sales business offering over 1,800 high purity research chemicals for sale.

Vincent Wiley begins work with Dr. Kenneth Greenlee on a research project for the American Petroleum Institute (API) at Ohio State University.  Their goal is to synthesize, isolate, and catalogue all of the hydrocarbons, alcohols, and ketones in the gasoline range.