Custom Processing

Speed to Market

In today’s fast-changing markets, speed to market is critical.  When working to introduce a new product line, commercialize new technology, or scale up a laboratory-proven process, oftentimes the road ahead is uncertain.  Organic Technologies can help smooth the path to full-scale commercial production through our custom manufacturing services.  Our team of chemists and engineers can rapidly bring their experience and talent to bear on your project, shortening the timeframe needed to introduce your products into the marketplace.  Let us know how we can serve your particular needs!

Custom Chemicals Inquiry Process

How do we get started together?

To ensure the best assessment of your project, quite a bit of detailed information is required. We need to answer a few basic questions:

What product do you want us to manufacture?

This can be in the form of an industry standard product name and grade, a detailed specification or description of key characteristics for the end product, or even just a target sample accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and analysis methods. The more information that you can provide about the desired product and minor specifications, the more detailed we can be in our manufacturing proposal.

How much do you want to manufacture?

Ideally, a client provides a detailed volume demand forecast with an initial request, indicating estimated volumes of product needed and a schedule. Sometimes we work with clients that are introducing a new product, so firm plans for the future are hazy at best. If you are unable to commit to firm production volumes, manufacturing costs may be higher. The more accuracy you have about product demand, the more accuracy we can provide about pricing and schedule.

When do you need shipments to begin?

Don’t say “yesterday!” We can work fast, but not that fast! Clearly understanding your needs and expectations about project timeline is critical to helping us understand how we can help your project succeed.

How much will it cost?

Price is an important custom manufacturing consideration, and sometimes it is the most important consideration. It is always dependent upon the volume of product desired, the end value of the product in the marketplace, and the demand for Organic Technologies custom manufacturing services. Sometimes, it is best if a customer simply provides us with a price target for what they want pay. This has the effect of ‘cutting to the chase’. In all instances, we strive to be competitive in pricing for our custom manufacturing services. Keep in mind that the more details that you can provide about your product needs, Organic Technologies will be better equipped to provide a competitive proposal.

After we receive your technical information package, if your project looks like a good fit for our talents and experience, we will go through an evaluation process to more closely determine the technical and commercial feasibility of your project. This evaluation process can cover:

  • Research & Development Evaluation: We may do a literature search to assess your technology, conduct some experimentation in the lab and manufacture a small sample to assess the technical feasibility of Organic Technologies to be able to support your project.
  • Commercial Assessment: We take your pricing targets, production volume information, look at raw material costs and assess the overall commercial feasibility of the project. This will often result in a quotation or price indication proposal.
  • Operational/Engineering Assessment: If your project is well-defined and is a good ‘fit’ for our processing plant, this part of the assessment is fairly easy and can be easily handled by our production management. However, if new equipment or plant modifications are needed, a detailed engineering assessment will be needed, extending the time required for implementation.
  • Pilot Plant Assessment: Depending upon the project requirements and experience level of Organic Technologies, we may need to do pilot work to make larger-scale samples or more thoroughly test process chemistry on an intermediate scale. Oftentimes, important information is revealed during pilot and scale-up work that doesn’t arise in the lab. A detailed pilot plant assessment can be costly and take weeks to months to accomplish. However, with some important projects, time and energy expended on pilot work is well spent.