Specialty Gases

Organic Technologies has a unique capability in producing ultra-high purity hydrocarbon gases for a wide range of product needs from refrigerants, semiconductors and pharmaceutical reagents. Our product lines include alkanes (linear, branched, cyclic) and high-purity alkylaromatics.

Product Info:

These hydrocarbon products are gases at room temperature. They are packaged in low-pressure cylinders, typically from lecture bottle size up to “Half-Ton” cylinders. They are used in a variety of synthetic and analytical applications.


Name Structure CAS# SDS TDS
1-buten-3-yne (Vinyl acetylene) CH2CHCΞCH 689-97-4 SDS TDS
1-butyne (Ethyl acetylene) CH3CH2CΞCH 107-00-6 SDS TDS
2-butyne (Dimethyl acetylene) CH3CΞCCH3 503-17-3 SDS TDS
propyne (Methyl acetylene) CH3CΞCH 74-99-7 SDS TDS


Name Structure CAS# SDS TDS
1,2-butadiene (Methyl allene) CH2=C=CHCH3 590-19-2 SDS TDS
1,2-propadiene (Allene) H2C=C=CH2 463-49-0 SDS TDS
1-butene CH2=CHCH2CH3 106-98-9 SDS N/A
cis-2-butene CH3CH=CHCH3 590-18-1 SDS TDS
trans-2-butene CH3CH=CHCH3 624-64-6 SDS TDS
2-butene (mixture of cis- and trans-) CH3CH=CHCH3 107-01-7 SDS TDS


Name Structure CAS# SDS TDS
2,2-dimethylpropane (Neopentane) C(CH3)4 463-82-1 SDS TDS

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