Our natural mixed tocopherols are highly versatile to fit a wide range of formulations.


Application Help

Do you know the fat concentration for your product?


Refer to the table and pick the typical dosage for the product category:

Food product Typical dosage active tocopherols
Food products with saturated fats, 
lard, meat products, milk fat based 250 mg/kg calculated on fat
Food products with unsaturated fats, 
oils, margarine, fat powder, etc. 500 mg/kg calculated on fat
Flavors, natural colors 1000 mg/kg calculated on product
Fish oils, PUFA oils 3000 mg/kg calculated on fat




Refer to the applications table above or please contact customer service.

What is unique about Our Natural Mixed Tocopherols?

  • Easy blending: Trouble-free mixing into fats & oils as well as water-dispersible powders.
  • Reduced Manufacturing Costs: Can incorporate at early processing stages to reduce waste and simplify operations.
  • Exceptional Physical Stability: Low volatility at high temperatures, unlike the more volatile synthetic antioxidants BHA/BHT; offering better protection during high heat applications.
  • Superb Sensory Characteristics: They do not impart any flavor, color, or odor to the final product.
  • World Class Technical Support: A technical team that can advise on product selection, application, processing, and labeling guidelines.
  • Supply Chain Excellence: A steady raw ingredient supply means always having product ready to ship to you.
Mixed Tocopherol
PrairiOX™ 30P
PrairiOX™ 45P
PrairiOX™ 50
PrairiOX™ 70
PrairiOX™ 90
PrairiOX™ 90G
PrairiOX™ 80D
Typical dosage rate
Food & Beverages
Meat Products 300
Egg Products 500-700
Cereals 50-250
Baked Goods 200-500
Fried Noodles 200
Tuna Fillets 500-1000
Dehydrated Potato 100-200
Nuts 400-1000
Milk Fat 200-600
Poultry Fat 100-600
Lard 200-1000
Fish Oils 500-1000
Vegetable Oils 200-400
Citrus Oil 200
Lecithin 1000-2000
Warmed over flavor 300
Pet Food 250-1000
Cosmetic & Massage Oils 200-1200
Mineral Oils 20-200